This week I physically took 7 days off working out….

I know. Some of you are thinking, 7 days? What’s the big deal about that? Well, 7 days for me is a HUGE deal.

Not only do I practice, live and breathe physical fitness as a career, but it’s also what keeps me sane. Keeps me going. Keeps me in check.

So why the 7 days?

The back story is I have up coming surgery this week for an umbilical hernia repair (from my 3rd pregnancy!), and I have been doing double time on my video posts, filming 5-7 workouts a week for the past few weeks, so that while I am recovering, I can still post to my Youtube/Facebook and social media. About 3 weeks ago I got a cold that never went away. In the midst of this cold, my neighbor, who was just a few years older than me, died suddenly. It was a blow to everyone. She leaves behind 2 wonderful daughters (17 and 13), and a husband.

Although we never got to know her personally very well, it was such a tragic situation and so devastating for her family. I felt for those girls. It was only natural for me to put myself in her situation and visualize what my family’s life would be like if they lost me. If my 3 children grew up without their mother. If my husband was to lead the rest of his life without his wife and mother of his kids. Every day I cried. I consoled the oldest daughter, and pray she and her sister see a second family in us.I hope we can be there for them in any way we can.

This feeling of loss and the understanding that there truly is no guarantee in life, made me realize just how precious life is. How important family is. The stress we put on ourselves to do this, or do that. Get this done, get that done or else? It can all be gone in an instant. These feelings weighed so heavy on me, and I started to wear myself down. I was sick, sad, and stressed and it was taking it’s toll on me.

About a week ago, after all the services for our friend and neighbor were over, I woke up feeling light headed and about to pass out. I was getting my children ready for school and I literally felt like I was in a dream. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t breathe. I was scared. I ended up in the doctors office with the diagnosis of pneumonia.

What?? How long have I had this? Where did I get it? How could this happen? The world was moving around me, and I was sitting there getting an X-ray, when the doctor told me how serious this was and that I needed to start on meds ASAP. I needed REST.

I don’t remember the last time I had pneumonia. But I can tell you it’s been a LONG time.

This was my reality check. This made me realize, it’s not about taking a day off, or taking it easy. I needed to REST and RECOVER. I usually use those terms when saying, “REST for 10 seconds, then start up again” or “RECOVER for 2 minutes and then hit that Tabata again!” But this time, I needed a full Rest and Recovery from the stress and physical wear and tear I was going thru.

This week while I recovered, took my meds, got FULL 8-9 hours of sleep each night was both amazing, and an eye opener. I can tell you, that the last time I took 7 FULL days off of working out, it was after my 3rd was born in January 2014. My third will be 2 years old this January 2016. You do the math.

My body, these last few weeks was trying to tell me something. It was giving me all sorts of clues and signs to SLOW DOWN, but I didn’t listen to them. I kept going. When I was feeling run down, and pushing my limits I didn’t stop. This is when my trainer voice would come in and say, “Krissy, give yourself a day off,” while the other voice said, “Just push through this one more, and that will be it”. I really did think I could do it all. But, I really couldn’t.

Understanding-Stress-0Stress can be a killer. If there is one thing I have realized, it’s that stress can come in all sorts of forms, and can wreak havoc on your internal self, health and wellbeing. I am a very laid back person, but as a mother of 3, house wife with a p/t job, I put a lot of stress on myself. I am stubborn. I take on a lot of the house hold duties myself, instead of delegating them with my husband. I want to give my kids everything and will fill our days with activities, with no real break. I put 110% into my job and fitness business, where you would think it was a full time job. Heck, it’s 10:30pm on a Saturday night and I’m writing this! Point is, we do so much and spend a lot of time on everything we think that matters most (which ends up being a lot of things!), and what we don’t realize is that the one thing we SHOULD be focusing on, OUR HEALTH, ends up being neglected. That may mean different things to different people, but the idea is to recognize it, and make the change.


Today my girls asked me if they could work out with me. It’s now been 8 days and I did a very light workout, and I will say it KICKED MY BUTT! A week off, still recovering, I knew it was going to be hard and not my best, but I got to spend the time with the girls who were having a blast! Better yet, I was spending time with them, which always makes it special.

Remember, what’s important in life….Have that balance…Give yourself the chance to REST and RECOVER. Press that RESET button. Take a break. It will all be there when you return. xx

When You’re Body Is Trying To Tell You Something….
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