With the holidays now behind us, it’s time to get off your BOOTY and GET MOVING!

All the sweets and overindulgence may have put a damper on your fitness routine, but not to worry, get back on the wagon again and lets get to work.

This circuit is focused on the lower body. Your booty and legs are the strongest and largest muscle group, so you want to use them to achieve the most caloric burn and rev up your metabolism. I completed this workout after going for a 3 mile pace run yesterday morning. The entire 4x thru could take you about 20 minutes. Feel free to pair this with your cardio of choice, or you can also complete this on its own after a proper warm up!

Take your time with each move. You don’t want to rush through this and sacrifice form. If you only have time for 3x thru, not a problem, just as long as those 3x are spot on! Weight can also be added to this circuit for an even greater intensity with each move, whether that means using dumbbells, a bar or even your weighted vest.
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50x Walking Lunges






50x Ass to Grass Squats










50x Calf Raises






50 Sec 1 Leg Wall Sit (50sec each side and can split it up into 25 second intervals repeated 2x thru each leg)









50x Sumo Squat Jumps










50x High Knee Sprint










Make sure you STRETCH after this circuit as to not tighten up your glutes, quads, hamstrings and hip flexors!
Some great stretches ( you can hold between 20-30 seconds),to perform after this circuit are:

BEAUTIFY that BOOTY – Lower Body Circuit

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