12 Minute BODYWEIGHT Tabata Calorie Torcher!!

We all know how well the Tabata protocol works, and if you follow me you know HOW much I LOVE creating Tabata workouts!

For today’s workout, you will complete 12 exercises repeated 2x thru for a total of 12 Minutes! Each exercise is different and you will go all out for those 20 seconds, leaving only 10 seconds rest after each 20 seconds. ¬†You only work for 20 seconds at a time and the point is to work as HARD AS POSSIBLE during those 20 seconds.
I use a bosu in this, but all can be done on the ground and/or with a bench/chair or something sturdy you can jump on.

Are you ready?
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20 seconds on/10 seconds off/ 2x thru!

Squat Jumps
Decline Push Ups
Sump Squat Jumps
Bosu Burpees
1 Leg Knee Up Reverse Lunge
Sumo Push ups on Bosu
1 Leg Knee Up Reverse Lunge (opp leg)
Pike Push Ups off Bosu
Alternating Step Up Bosu with Jump
Flat Side Bosu Climbers
Bosu Jumps
Bosu Pop Ups

12 Minute BODYWEIGHT Tabata CALORIE Torcher!

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